About Titus

A former pastor, currently the Chief Operating Officer of United Against Human Trafficking in Houston, and the founder of The 25 Group, Titus Benton’s entire career has been centered on public service. Since founding The 25 Group in 2014, he helped raise and distribute over $500,000 in more than twenty countries.

This same passion to love his neighbor inspired him to engage politically to improve his community. With two decades of experience working with vulnerable populations, Titus has always been known for his ability to listen, bridge the gap between traditionally distant groups, and a relentless pursuit of justice.

Also an author and speaker for many years, Titus is a seasoned communicator who is insatiably curious. When he’s not working to improve the lives of others he enjoys travelling, reading, and spending time in the woods or at the beach. A Missouri native, Titus has lived with his family in Katy, Texas since 2011.

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