Titus Benton has been in public service his entire life. So when it comes to so-called “issues,” there is no such thing. There are only people, and a need to craft policies that enhance the lives of individuals and their communities.


Economic justice means a minimum wage that is a living wage. Throughout District 17, that living wage needs to be at least $15/hour. Economic justice also means corporations and the super wealthy paying more taxes, relieving the burden of the working class. Lastly, all people should receive the same pay for doing the same work, regardless of their racial or gender identity.


I believe everyone deserves access to affordable, quality healthcare. It’s time for Texas to expand Medicaid, providing benefits to over a million of our neighbors without raising taxes. We can legalize marijuana and use the tax revenue to help pave the way to universal health care in Texas.

Voting Rights

Ensuring the right to vote and the full strength of each ballot cast is integral to our democracy. Voting rights should be expanded, not rolled back, and the force of an individual’s vote must not be diluted by race-based gerrymandering.

We need a redistricting process that works for all of us and not just those in power. The Texas GOP puts political considerations ahead of community interests by dividing us along racial lines. From rhetoric to policy, we deserve unifying and compassionate leaders in Texas. 

LGBTQ+ Rights

In Texas, the LGBTQ+ community has had their civil rights targeted again and again by our elected officials and it has to stop. I remain an ally because everyone deserves equal rights under the law — to marry, adopt children, and care for loved ones. It’s the 21st century. Let’s all get on the same page and love one another. 


We need to build the Ike Dike and repair and expand the grid. Help with infrastructure is on the way from the federal level and we will build Houston back better. The status quo at the state level is to ignore our structural problems from the electrical grid to flood prevention. We need leaders with the vision to think ahead and not just react to statewide emergencies after the fact. 

Climate Change

Climate change is an existential threat to our communities. Due to the tireless work of advocates and climate experts, we have been given a road map to transition into a renewable future with the help of industry leaders in the business community. Believers of science are all in agreement — by utilizing evidence-based research, we will restore our environment and pass down a livable planet to our children. 

Criminal Justice Reform 

Even though the U.S. is home to only 5% of the global population, we are home to nearly 25% of the world’s prison population. Mass incarceration has been a public policy failure spanning multiple decades and has disproportionately impacted black and brown communities. Legalizing marijuana, ending cash bail, and moving toward a justice-centered rehabilitative system is just the start. We have bipartisan support to make a difference on the issue, we just need to elect folks who will put in the work to make it happen. 

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