An Independent Thinking Texas Democrat

The political discourse in our nation is dominated by hyper-partisan voices content to objectify and demean the other side in order to secure and preserve their own power.

Titus Benton believes in a different kind of politics — one focused on people, not partisanship. A former pastor and current nonprofit executive, Benton believes what we’re lacking in Austin are independent thinking leaders who serve the interests of all Texans regardless of party and not those who merely serve their own party’s interests.

You don’t have to be an independent to be an independent thinker. It’s time for blind partisanship to take a back seat to helping people. Titus Benton will do just that.

Affordable Healthcare

Everyone in Texas should be able to see and afford a doctor when they need one.

High Paying Jobs

Everyone in Texas deserves a job earning a livable wage.

World-Class Education

Every teacher in Texas needs more pay and less interference. Every child deserves world class preparation in Texas public schools.

Innovative Infrastructure

Our energy grid, broadband capacity & flood prevention require future-oriented planning.

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