Faith in Our Future

Titus Benton is the Democratic Candidate for Texas State Senate in District 17 — a region including portions of Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller Counties as well as the entirety of of Jackson, Colorado, Wharton, and Matagorda Counties.

A former pastor, nonprofit founder, and current Chief Operating Officer of an anti-trafficking organization in Houston, Titus Benton has spent his entire career building communities and helping vulnerable populations.

“Politics should work for everyone” Benton says. “For me, it’s all about loving my neighbor, and not just some of my neighbors. All of them. My BIPOC neighbor and my white neighbor, my rural neighbor and my urban neighbor, my gay neighbor and my straight neighbor, my rich neighbor and my poor neighbor. We can achieve a shared future where we all win.”

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Affordable Healthcare

Everyone in Texas should be able to see and afford a doctor when they need one.

Good Paying Jobs

Everyone in Texas deserves a job earning a livable wage.

Elite Education

Every teacher in Texas needs more pay and less interference. Every child deserves world class preparation in Texas public schools.

Innovative Infrastructure

Our energy grid, broadband capacity & flood prevention require future-oriented planning.

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