An independent option for Texas State House of Representatives

We should be using our ideas to advance people, not using people to advance our ideas. Partisanship is ripping us apart. Independent candidates deserve the opportunity to unite us again.

“People ask why I’m getting into politics. For me this is nothing new. As a pastor serving families, a nonprofit leader in the wake of natural disasters, or now running for the Texas State House of Representatives, my whole life has been devoted to public service. A new sector? Maybe. But the same passion — helping others.” — Titus Benton

Meet Titus

After spending seventeen years as a pastor, Benton is the founder of The 25 Group. A nonprofit serving marginalized people all over the world, they also have partnered with several local charities. He joined the race for TX-132 out of a desire to represent every citizen, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or economic status. He and his family reside in Katy.

The District

TX-132 is a beautifully diverse district including much of Katy, Cypress, and northwest Harris County. Still a rapidly growing region, the 132nd District is home to people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Each and every citizen deserves representation regardless of their race, gender, orientation, or economic status.

Titus Benton

Write in Titus Benton, independent candidate for Texas State House of Representatives for the 132nd District

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