Thanks, TX-132!

We lost. (And we won.)

Not since the 1930s has a nonpartisan won a seat in the Texas State House of Representatives in a general election, rarely tallying 3% of the vote. Write-in candidates fare even worse, struggling to eclipse the 1% mark. We knew it would be a statistical miracle for us to compete, much less win.

But there is more than one way to succeed. While we did not win the race, we were faithful to our values and our message resonated with those with whom we were able to interact. One of our neighbors said we were the only campaign they saw that did not bad-mouth the opposition or send out relentless hate mail. That’s true. That’s a win.

I still believe in a less partisan future. I still believe in more civil discourse. I do believe we learned a lot that will serve us well in the future. Thanks for your support.

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Titus Benton

Write in Titus Benton, independent candidate for Texas State House of Representatives for the 132nd District

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Stacie Wilkins, Treasurer

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